About us

Jamanch Technology is your one-stop international procurement solution. Our extensive experience in the construction, IT, Household Appliances, manufacture and import/export sectors allows us to acquire products directly from manufacturers or 1st level distributors.

Through collective buying and careful supplier relationship management, we are able to source goods at premium rates and offer our clients the competitive pricing across our broad range of product offerings.

At Jamanch we understand that time is money and delays are detrimental to any project's success. Through clear and transparent communication, we keep our clients 100% informed at every stage of the procument process, enabling them to make educated business decisions. Before careful packaging and consolidation, Jamanch goods are checked and inpected to ensure that our clients get exactly what they are expecting. Then, at the most convenient time (JIT), or as soon as possible, we deliver the goods directly to our client's site or premises.

Our team will help you effectively reach out internationally to identify, engage and interact with the right business partners. Jamanch makes it easier for businesses to take advantage of the efficiencies and opportunities of a global marketplace. With a unique combination of international knowledge, industry expertise, and superior service, we leverage our network of Strategic Trade Partners to deliver high quality, cost-effective business solutions.

We exel in

Identification of suitable suppliers.

Development of a sourcing strategy.

Negotiation with suppliers.

Our Vision

Jamanch has the ambition of becoming a clear leader in the world of global sourcing, procurement and remarketing. Our business is about working on behalf of clients who wish to buy from global markets. Wherever our clients are based, we work as an extension to their resourses and provide "on the ground" sourcing & procurement services.